The smell of fresh paint

While his dad worked long days as a house painter, Armand was being exposed to the smell of fresh paint at an early age. As a young boy he was frequently caught by his spirited mother, sneaking into the basement, stealing paint and brushes. As he grew up, Armand discovered that using spray-cans was a more accepted method to ease his cravings. But as he started attending art school, he soon learned that his addiction to aerosols was no longer being tolerated, and he needed to quit his habit. Going through rehab, he was put on a strict diet of concept-art, photography and performances, but as he tried to explain himself time and time again, the cravings for turpentine continued to surface. A severe relapse followed, and during escapades to Leiden and Berlin, he discovered the true and historic nature of his artistic problems. Slowly starting to accept his inevitable fate of being a lifelong addict to the paint and the brush, and disillusioned by his many attempts to stay clean of his ambitions, he continues to produce works of art until this day.

Armand Wachelder

Debuteerde in 1995 met een graffiti – expositie in het Tulip Inn hotel in Heerlen. Studeerde vervolgens aan de academies van Maastricht, Utrecht en Berlijn. Was tussen 2008 en 2012 lid van het internationale bestuur van Caretakers of the Environment International (CEI). Woont en werkt in Brussel, BelgiĆ«.

Armand Wachelder

Started out in 1995 with a graffiti-exhibition in the Tulip Inn hotel in Heerlen. Following studies at the academies of Maastricht, Utrecht and Berlin. Was a member of the international board of Caretakers of the Environment International (CEI) between 2008 and 2012. Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.